Sponsor a Campaign

We are embarking on several funding campaigns to maintain the schools that we’ve built. Please consider reading some of these campaign stories and becoming a sponsor to Empathy FX International!


Help us Renovate our Schools

Since building our school buildings in 2012, 2013, and 2014, the rain and extreme weather has caused the outside of our buildings to deteriorate.

We are launching a campaign to raise money to re-paint and upgrade the exterior of our school buildings. The extreme heat during the dry seasons make it difficult for our students to study without upgraded roofing.

Just $500 will cover paint materials and labor for painters to cover an entire school building. We are looking to completely re-do the outside of our schools to ensure that it’s a place our students can all enjoy. Please help us make it happen!

Help equip our teachers with Supplies

Teaching Learning Materials help our teachers make the classroom exciting and a cool place for students to learn and grow. Our teachers need materials to help sustain the children in the most tough environments.

In an interview with Mary, she mentioned that teaching learning materials not only motivate the students, but also the teachers. The teachers are more excited to create innovative ways to pass on knowledge and teach our students.

Just $100 will help purchase teaching materials for a classroom for the entire year. Please help donate anything that you can - we greatly need these supplies!