Announcing a new partnership with Airbnb

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Earn extra income by being a host on Airbnb or HomeAway—and help out Empathy FX International at the same time

The Rotary Club of Cheshire, Connecticut is launching a service project called ‘Beds for a Cause,' which will contribute to the financial well-being of Empathy FX International. The process is simple--if you become a host on Airbnb, HomeAway or on another vacation rental website you can allocate part of your earnings to Empathy FX International. 

Here is how it would work. You decide to give Empathy FX International a portion of your income from being a host on Airbnb [], HomeAway [], or another vacation rental website. These websites arrange homestays in spare guest rooms and in other homeowner spaces. Hosts may live in any location. If you have friends or relatives who live in other parts of the U.S. (or internationally), they could sign up to be hosts as well and contribute to Empathy FX International or to a charity of their choosing.

Suppose someone is looking to travel in the host’s vicinity for business or personal reasons, to attend a game/commencement at a local college or another event that draws an extra amount of people to a particular community. He or she would select an accommodation after typing a location of interest into the search box on the vacation rental website. Guests would find hosts who are participating in this project by looking for the words Beds for a Cause fundraiser in the description of the listings.

Guests make reservations with the hosts and pay for the night's lodging with a credit card. The funds go to the vacation rental website, which takes out a service fee and then deposits the funds into the host’s bank account or Paypal account. If the host is a participant in the Beds for a Cause fundraiser, he or she would make out a check to Empathy FX International for a percentage of the night’s lodging. Another option would be to set up an automatic payment system with the vacation rental website so that Empathy FX International gets a certain percentage of any funds received by the host. 

For more information about the Beds for a Cause service project, please go to

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