When will your next program be?

Our next program dates are February 1 - 10th, 2019.

Who will participate in the program?

Our program accepts for participants who are ready for something more rigorous and impactful than a tourist trip and more culturally engaging than a wilderness or adventure program. We hope that our participants will return as more confident, directed, self-aware and adventurous global citizens.

What is expected of me?

We expect you to have a positive attitude, demonstrate patience and flexibility in the face of the inherent challenges of life in a developing country, be sensitive to the beliefs and customs of the local people and their culture, contribute to a positive group experience and abide by our student contract on the enclosed application. No previous building or teaching experience is necessary.

Will there be vegetarian food options?

We make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions to ensure that each student is well-fed.

What about health and safety?

We will take every precaution possible to ensure a safe and healthy experience. We provide you with a comprehensive list of immunization recommendations specific to your program to make certain that your preventive inoculations are up to- date.

What are the living conditions?

Living conditions will vary throughout your program. During orientation and final travel you stay with your group in family run guesthouses or small hostels. During the homestay portion of your program, your entire group will stay in one village where you and a partner live in a simple and rustic home, constructed of wood or cement block. Host families are selected for their warmth and friendliness, though their homes may not have electricity or indoor plumbing.

How do you select communities and host families?

We have in-country staff who identify appropriate communities, and who interview and select every host family. Our co-founder Nana makes additional visits to your community to meet with village leaders, members of the project committee and all host families. We go to new communities and use new families nearly every year. This keeps the experience unique and special for communities and students alike.

How long do we work every day? What do we do when we're not working?

We typically spend 8-10 days working between 5 and 8 hours each day. After the workday is over, you have a chance to develop your secondary projects, play soccer with local children, help prepare dinner with your host mother, or simply enjoy some down-time to read. Some evenings are spent meeting with your group to discuss the service projects or plan a community party. On the weekends, we may have the chance to go to a nearby beach, hike to a waterfall, accompany your family to the local market or attend a dance in a neighboring community.

How do I sign up?

To reserve a space in one of our programs, submit a program application (including application fee of $25). Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions attached to the application.

What are the costs of joining?

The program fees for the Travel Program in Winter 2019 will be $800. This fee includes transportation when in Ghana, food, water, room/board, and a travel chaperone. It does not include your flight tickets and visa application fees.