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By Nina Udomsak

Published by Caliber Magazine

Now that the rush of First General Meetings has subsided, it’s time to decide which ones to settle on. But wait! There’s one more you should check out. If you’re interested in becoming involved with start-ups, non-profit businesses, education, global service/travel, or all of the above, then come to Empathy FXInternational’s General Infosession this Friday, in the Eshleman Senate Chambers at 4pm.

Empathy FX International is a non-profit organization founded by Nana Aggrey-Fynn of Ghana and Rosemary Hua, a junior and ASUC Senator here at Cal. A year ago, Empathy funded the physical construction of a school in Old Odunasi, Ghana. Since then, the company has successfully raised profits to hire teachers and to purchase school supplies and utilities.

“The key to alleviating global poverty is increasing quality education,” said Hua. “I founded Empathy after coming back from a study/service travel project in Ghana. I lived there for 30 days teaching English and building a five-room kindergarten; upon coming back to America, I wanted to continue those efforts with an established group at Berkeley.”

Currently with two operating branches—one in Berkeley and one in Ghana—Empathy has seen growth and progress in its ventures since its founding. The company has three committees: Marketing, Finance, and Programs. What separates Empathy from other service clubs is the direct and precise impact it sustains: Hua keeps in consistent contact with the Ghana branch, and all the funds generated are donated to the school that she and Aggrey-Fynn helped build.

“I think it’s unique because it allows students to give back to the global educational community while developing business acumen and common sense,” said Abhishek Kumar, Chief Marketing Director. “Going forward, I have no doubt that this will be one of the biggest service organizations on campus.”

The main driving force behind Empathy so far has been its apparel line. With a new design launched each semester, the company has raised a significant amount of money from the shirt sales alone. Last semester, clothing store Bear Basics/T-shirt Orgy liked the latest design so much that it bought and sold the tanks in store.

In addition to the apparel line, Hua is currently working on a Travel/Study program in which participants would travel to Ghana from Jan. 6th to the 20th. The infosession for the travel program will be on Sept. 21st, but it will also be explained at the meeting this Friday.

There is also a campus-wide event in the works. “This semester, we are hosting a talent competition/beauty pageant to raise awareness for gender equality and domestic violence both in Ghana and the states,” said Hua.

To sign up for committee interviews, meet the executive management team, and find out more about this promising start-up, stop by the infosession this Friday!

“Ghanaians are unable to break out of the cycle of poverty without access to general kindergarten to secondary school education,” said Hua. “If we help make education a little easier to access, it wouldn’t be as huge of an investment, and Ghanaians would be equipped with the tools to obtain more preferred jobs, and thus, reduce their chances of falling into the poverty cycle. Everyone should join in this effort to ensure that education is a right and not a luxury.”

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Date: September 14th

Time: 4-5pm

Location: Senate Chambers, Eshleman Hall

Empathy FX’s Official Website: http://empathyfx.org

Shop Empathy’s Apparel Line: http://efx.bigcartel.com

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