We believe that a little bit of empathy can go a long way, both at home and abroad.


Our Mission

We are committed to increasing access to quality education for each person in Ghana.

OUR MethodS

Humble Leadership

We are not afraid to be wrong. Here at Empathy FX, problem solving comes before pride - we adapt to new challenges and often let go of old ways.

Listening Before Acting

There are too many nonprofits that assume what communities need. At Empathy FX, we listen to the people we serve to truly understand how to add value to their lives.

Learning Before Teaching

"I learned more from the community than they did from me," is a common quote we hear from our travelers. Of course, this is true. Our two founders are from USA and Ghana; they lead this company together and emulate the mutually beneficial relationship that Empathy FX has with the communities we serve.

Thank you Empathy FX for all of your hard work in our villages. You are always welcome here.
— Chief Daasebre Kwebu Ewusie, Paramount Chief of Ghana's Central Region and President of Ghana Central Region House of Chiefs

What We've Achieved

  • Since 2009, we have built 5 school buildings which serve over 1,000+ students in Ghana who previously had no access to primary education.

  • We diagnose and treat over 100 Malaria patients, free of charge, each year.3

  • We give out full-tuition scholarships for secondary school, trade college, and university students.

  • We have sent over 50 students (high school and university) to Ghana for cultural immersion, hospital volunteering, and school construction building.